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Dodge WC54 Restoration - But a little different Automatic


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Hi Everybody


I know that really I should start with getting a Dodge and getting photos of it as I found it, then the shipping then the restoration etc etc etc.


Well I am starting it a little differently.


I decided first of all that I need something a little more accomodating for my stature than my 1942 MB. I also needed something that I could drive long into the future as my disability increased. The one that came to mind so that I coud adapt, and use the back for sleeping so I did not have to put the tents up was the Dodge WC54.


As everyone knows finding one in good shape and at a good price is not easy so I thought I would begin at a different angle.


I needed an auto box and wanted to keep the engine a petrol one. After many different visits to scrappers and people selling motors I decided to get a Mercedes W114 2.5ltr straight 6 which is on points and carbs. I found a beauty which had done just 75,000 miles and had service history to back it up.


It may not look much like a Dodge engine and box but watch this space.



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Taking the jeep out to France for the official first flight of the replica Mosquito that was built by a few old guys in a place called LUCON in France.


I am hoping to get a shot of the jeep next to the plane at an airfield at Fontenay le Comte in area 85 in France on the 14th April.


Best piece of news. I have found my first piece of the Dodge. It is the fan blades or helice ventilateur. He has a few other bits so I will make up a list and put it on here hopefully if I can get it translated and I can collect any bits people want at the same time.



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