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Trying to identify a British M4A2 Sherman


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I would like to see if the history or unit of this tank can be found :



It is obvious that this early M4A2 was used in the British Army. It still has a "T-number" and a nickname, but it is yet hard to read :

M4A2 Sherman Normandy Tank Museum 28.JPG


Looks like "LINKI ...." and T-22xxx


Is there any possibility to find the unit to which this tank belonged, from a partial nickname and T-number ?





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The name isn't a name. It is 'LINK 1 of 2' or similar which was part of the shipping stencilling.


I can make out a T-27**** but that is all. The only batch of Shermans that fit that range was T-269094 - T-271093 to contract S/M 1046. Of those 2000 tanks, only 1094 were in the correct range so that narrows it down a little!


It it is a T-22****, it would be from T-224284 - T-225283, 1000 Sherman III or T-228470 - T-230469, a mixed order of Sherman III and V, only 1530 of which are in range.

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'LINK 1 of 2'

Adrian, what does LINK reference in terms of shipping details?


P-O, where did that M4A2 spend its retirement? It looks undamaged and in an excellent condition for the basis of a restoration, must have been on a quite area of the range!

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