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Chevrolet C8 wireless truck


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Can't remember if I have already posted about this vehicle, but in case I haven't, Would anyone out there have info on the 1A2? C8 wireless vehicle, I've got alot of info from the various CMP sites out there but would anyone have info on the storage in the rear? I'm trying to get the cabinets etc knocked up and desperately need info on types shapes layout even types of joints used etc so I can crack on.

I'm fitting a 19set (I know its probably not correct for a '41 C8 but I'm bargaining on them being used in Normandy (Very dubious but I like the star on them!)), so if anyone has a pic of one in Normandy you would be my saviour!

Also the correct layout for a 19 set in a small vehicle, I've been collecting some of the pieces but again any help would be great.


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Hi Colin, a standard 8cwt would have a table on one side, not full length, for the radio to sit on. That, and the 2 seats,and the rest of the equipment. At this precise moment I'm not sure where the chore horse battery goes. Then in the cab theres the two-pin plug, the pto, earthing wires, all good fun. Initially it would be an 11 set radio, but that would be replaced by the 19 set shortly after.


I dare say they were used in the Normandy campaign, as there was no such thing as a rule book for anything, despite what people say, but originally, for a truck used in, say Africa or Italy, an 8cwt would still be used. Bearing in mind that the C8A HUW appeared in 1942, only to be superceded by the 15cwt wireless truck, standard body, then the solid body soon after. For a war on, with short supplies, odd choices were made.


If you ever find plans for early Morris or Humber 8cwt radio trucks, the body was pretty generic, if not, I can attempt to scan some shots for you. Attempt is a strong word.





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Only info I can help with is :-


1. 19 sets came out in early 1942 in service.


2. The body on the truck is standard, so if you look at an 8cwt Morris or any other wireless bodied 8cwt vehicle, they will all have the same layout.


3. There is a photo of one of these trucks in Normandy in 1944 and it appears in some books.


I did help out a friend with his 8cwt canadian Ford with the 19 set installation a few years ago. Only advice I can give is make sure the 19 set doesn't have a T on it, as it means Tropicalised, and destined for far east use in 1945. Don't forget o take the aerial off when on the move as the wireless was meant to be used when the truck was stationary only.


Try the archives at the Imperial War Museum for photos (Department of Photographs), but it is best to make an appointment and go there to find the photos, as they have thousands and it will take you a whole day at least to look through them. Don't just write in for a photo, but go there and find exactly what you want.


If you need any more help, contact me on robert.davey6@btinternet.com and I will see what I can find.


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Thank you very much Gents , I really appreciate the help.

Finding out info on these vehicles has been a nightmare, nothing about the rear except pics from the various CMP sites, no measurements, construction etc.

If you could find the pic or possible remember any books the pic from Normandy might be I would be over joyed!!!

Thanks again


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All you HMVF peeps, I need help on finding this photo of a Chevrolet C8 in Normandy. This would be an absolute life saver as I'm desperate to get this vehicle sorted and out to the shows in a proper scheme and with photogaphic evidence to back it up and anyone out there who has a Morris or wireless backed vehicle who could pass on info about fittings etc would be an absolute star!

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