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53/60 Ptn. Smock?


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Picked up what I thought was just another 60Ptn. smock last night because it look unissued.

Today decided to check over and photo. I was soon aware of some differences in it.

First impression was the 'sheen' of the fabric but put that to never been washed.

The main difference are the sleeves, see pic. does not have the elbow patch's or under arm gusset's. There is a open under arm vent. Other little differences as well but minor. Quite strange the care label is very clean and clear but the 'Size' label is so faint would not photo. Just make out Smock combat, and size. Small size label in 'poachers' pocket.

What you think, thanks.

Collection, smocks (3) - Copy.JPG

Collection, smocks - Copy.JPG

Collection, smocks (6) - Copy.jpg

Collection, smocks (10) - Copy.jpg

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It's a standard 60 pattern smock (first version 1961 to 1964).......most have the "sheen" to the cotton-sateen fabric when new (it soon goes with use !).......


The 60 pattern smock was a development of the cotton-sateen 1952 pattern garment.........basically the same item, but with the lining reduced to waist level....this was because the 60 pattern trousers were lined, thus rendering the lower smock lining excessive and unnecessary....the earlier 1952 and 1953 pattern trousers being unlined, hence the need for smock lining over the loins !!


Incidentally, the original combat smock and trouser introduced during 1951 (no official year designation) were as the 1952 pattern, but made from cotton-gabardine (as per OD SAS windproofs) and in this case the trousers were lined due to the lighter weight fabric......there was no 1953 pattern smock, only trousers (issued from 1954 onwards) that had the fly arrangement simplified (no buttoned over-flap).....


The 60 pattern smock first appeared on issue during 1961 and other than the deletion of the lower lining was basically as the earlier 52 pattern......


During 1964 the sleeve design was changed to the larger pivot design that permitted a greater degree of movement, comfort and improved fitting.....this mod saw the deletion of the underarm vents......the modified smocks also feature the oval-shaped elbow patches.......


There was some production overrun of the old and new design between 1964 and 1965.........but NO CHANGE in the 1960 designation......


The pre-64 smocks are a bloody awful fit and not recommended for wear.......if you want one for use, get a post-64 example !!!


So, the smock shown is from between 1961 and 1964...........and to narrow the date down further, smocks and trousers saw the lining change from cotton-gabardine ("windproof fabric") to cotton-poplin (as per 68 pattern linings) during 1964........:-D

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