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Good Morning From a wet Oxfordshire

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Always liked my willys and Mutts but somehow just before Christmas I ended up buying a Ex-MOD 90 ST, basically because I can use it all year round. Anyway that was going to be my project until 10 days ago when I put a bid on and to my surprise won a Wolf TUL ST fresh from the MOD and from the doc stuck on the window and the fact that it's full of sand direct from Camp Bastion.


So anyway the 90 2.5NA ST is now for sale and the Wolf is the new project. It's suffering from sand inhalation and as yet no keys...batteries are on charge so will know by the end of the day if it starts.




It's done 90K and has a bit of surface rust but so far not looking too bad. The idea will be to clean it up but keep it in this original condition....well mostly, some bits do need attention.


I do though have questions and I do need to find some parts so I'm looking forward to interacting with you all here.


Kind Regards


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Hi mate. As I've posted elsewhere, definite cam belt change! The engines are pretty easy to work on. If you haven't palyed with MV's before. Watch the main light switch, turn the wrong way and everything will go dead and scare the life out of you. It's supposed to.

A 'bit battered' is the ideal way to show them, she has worked for her living after all.

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It's my second MOD Landy in 2 months so getting used to them...took a while to work out the 'Convoy' setting on my 2.5N/A....spent a few hours signalling madly with my arms!


Looking forward to getting this one up and running....


Sounds very familiar! :-D

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