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Cobham Joints / Tracta Joints_Humber Pig FV1611A


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In my copy of EMER, Wheeled Vehicles N252 Issue 1, dated 14 Feb 55, it talks of TRACTA Drive Units, which I understand serve the front wheels.


In EMER Wheeled Vehicles N254 Part 1, Supplement No 1, Issue 2, dated 20 Mar 63 it has a section on COBHAM Joints, which serve the rear axles, fitted to truck, 1-ton, armoured 4x4 Humber.


Is this correct that they are missed front and rear or should the fronts be COBHAM also and I don't have that supplement???


I ask as the front and rear axles / joints have different bellows and gaitors........Rubber Bellows on Rear COBHAM and leather on the front TRACTA????????

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Wayne all Humber 1 Tons have Tractas at the front.



CT/GS - Tracta

Hornet & Pig Mk 1 - Chobham

Pig Mk 2 - mostly Birfield but could be Chobham or even Tracta


Contrary to one Army NI driver training manual they were not fitted with Tractor joints!!


All bellows are rubber

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Thank you Clive, as always.....:thanx:


Now I do know technically my Pig is a Mk II? (at least I remember that conversation looking at the data plates), (Lets see if that prompts a query from the forum).


Therefore the only way I will get this sorted, as to which it is, will be by closer examination and inspection. No doubts when the Bellows are replaced to all 4 axles.


Thanks for confirming the generator is a 12A also elsewhere :-)

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