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Jordanian Saxon KADB ex MOD vehicles

robin craig

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I have been interested in what has happened to the Saxons since they left the UK.


The KADB are in the process of making them left hand drive to comply with their local laws.


Some info here




and here




according to their December 2011 newsletter located here





a total of 68 have been converted and delivered. There is a photo shown but not very big





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A bit late but I have only come across the pictures. I remember reading on here that someone had acquired a mystery turret that had a mounting for two GPMG in it. It was correctly said that it was probably from an AT 105 which became Saxon in British Army service. You can see that this particular vehicle has the twin GPMG and that the vehicle is left hand drive. We fired this vehicle at Lulworth in the eighties and seemed to work quite well with the twin guns. Stoppage drill could be quite interesting however.



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It matters not that a response has taken this long.


My objective in starting threads is to open discussion and put the knowledge in the open. Thank you for taking the time to dig up the photos and post them


From some searching there is an image that shows up of what may be a left hand drive Saxon if you google "Saxon Tikrit". Unlike your photo there is no licence plate or writing to prove if the image is reversed.


From 2007 there appear to be some Saxons in Nigeria also left hand drive.



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