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How does this pull out? - Ford WOT Axle



Before I scrap a Loyd axle I thought I'd remove the pinion as the diff was in mint condition and worth putting on the shelf. The manual simply says pull the bearing housing with pinion inside, out of the axle, however there are no tappings for jacking bolts and no locations for a puller. You can see in the photo below that the flange of the bearing housing sits flush with the diff housing. I managed to get a drift onto the ID of it and it moved outwards a thou or two, so I can tell it will move, but there must be an easier way. Much better to ask than invent the wheel.




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There is a bearing cup in the differential. It was fitted by heating the differential casing and sliding in the bearing cup. Try heating up the diff casing and pulling.

Sorry, can't be more help as I haven't had to replace this bearing on my WOT2.

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It does mention heat in the reasembly paragraph.... obviously made to go together with ease but not come apart quite as easily. See the exploded diagram snapped on the phone.





This illustration is different from my WOT2 axle. The roller bearings on the pinion are different. On a WOT2 there is only one bearing surface for the 2 bearings, but your illustration shows 2 cups. Suggest you have a word with someone who has a Ford 7V for help. You could ask Belcher engineering on 01379-898384

Good luck

Robert Davey

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