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Hello from Asturias, Spain

cucho ramone

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Hi everybody

My name is Fano Suarez.


It's great to be here.I'm interested in WW2 vehicles and I think here is really a good place.


Unfortunately, I don't own a classic MV. But perhaps someday ..., who knows, ... dreaming is free.


Meanwhile, close to my town, two brothers own 3 fantastic vehicles: a BMW R75, a Kubelwagen, and my favorite, a Kettenkrad. Sometimes I visit them and I can enjoy the vehicles.


Well, I suppose I will be a regular member in the "I maybe stupid, but......" topic, so thanks for let be here.




PS. Yeah, I know, my English is not perfect, but I'll try to improve it.

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hola Fano , desculpa que me espan(y)ol escrito no es muy bueno ..estoy mejor hablando en espan(y)ol .. que escribiendo.


bien benido a eso Forum.. no pasa nada con tus English escrito no es perfecto ..como dejeron muchas de los inglese nuestra Ingles tan poco es perfecto ...


desfruta de forum ....


encuento co muchas Espan(y)olas en el War and Peace ...


ken..... Y tus ingles es MUCHO MUCHO mejor que mi Espan(y)ol ...

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