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Hello from Norway


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My name is Asbjørn, I found this forum when searching for information about our museum's Loyd Carrier TT No. 1 (T258589).


All horizontal surfaces are badly rusted from being stored outside, the vertical ones are very good. The engine was disassembled years ago by somebody, seems to be good, but there was probably a reason for disassembling it.


Sorry about the crappy pictures, will get some better ones once all the stuff stored around it has been moved.


Check out our website to see a list of our other vehicles (not in English yet, sorry): http://krigshistorisk-museum.no/index.php/no/kjoretoy/1945








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Thanks for posting those pics, great to see another one of vivians finest under restoration and in such good condition. I was told by a dealer in the UK last month that he was offered a couple of Loyd projects from Norway two or three years ago but the trail went quite... Seems to be THE place to find Loyds, Paul Vissers TPC came from Norway, as did one of the TT runners in Holland / Belgium.


I havent got my WD number list to hand at work, but as it is a No1, it left the factory with an Dagenham built 21 Stud Flathead V8. It is great to see a cast ID plate as they are normally long gone, I would like to see what a No2 plate looked like.

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!



The museum is mainly about what happened in the south-western part of Norway, in the Stavanger region, during ww2. But also Norwegian military history from 1939 to today. This offcourse results in a lot of different military vehicles for us to source, restore and put in context, the Loyd being one of them.



Thans for the information! It's really interesting, the museum got the Loyd many years ago, it was believed to be a Dennis. The engine is a 21 bolt, so it could be the original :)

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