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Army Form A.2153


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I suspect something to do with motoring.


Class A forms cover "General" subjects. Some 4-digit numbers above & below A.1253 are motoring related.


I do have a catalogue of Army Forms unfortunately of the 182 pages(!) a couple are missing that would cover A.1253 :(

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Thanks for your help.


The packet was addressed to the military hospital in Colchester. Don't know if that makes a diference



It's just a pre-paid postal label for official use. (The idea being that you can re-use the envelope by using the label to stick the flap down, then cut the label to remove the contents and re-use the envelope until it falls to bits.)



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Yes seeing the picture makes all the difference.


Chris yes "economy labels" for reusing envelopes.


I can remember one green activist I knew who always used to send them on my correspondence to save trees & all that. The problem was these labels got used on new envelopes. More trees would have been saved by not using the labels. :nut:

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