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Paint Colour and supplier please


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I have a Mitsubishi Model J26 SWB which was made under license in 1975 and is based on the CJ5B Jeep.


I am not getting any luck trying to find the correct American military Jeep colour for that era or a supplier.


If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated as I went to a local autopaint supplier

and they came up with a colour which is a tad too cheerful for my liking :)




100_1226 - Copy.JPG

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Olive drab was common for US stuff and you can find it on the BS381c colour charts as 298 or 278 which is the lighter shade





You ask them to make matt or satin, HMG is a good supplier


Does your jeep have any military background? I seen one over here plus the Kia Motor type also made under license

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I know i drove the better half insane talking about the "right"shade of green for my 1955 jeep, at every show we went to. in the end when i found a mv with the paint job i wanted i just asked them what it was and where from and bingo!


There are several comapnies who advertise on milweb

(for the p rice of a large stamp frank burberry will send out sample cards)


Also try Steelsoldiers.com which is a US site dedicated to the hobby




As for matt or satin i started a thrread a while ago here


And for me satin (or eggshell) was prefereable ( matt just scratched and marked far too easy. )


Hope this helps

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Many thanks for such quick and helpful replies.


I keep meaning to get down to see the Vietnam reenactment people down at the "Ashchurch Camp" near Evesham and ask but I never seem to get the time.


My J26 was made in 1975 by Mitsubishi. The license terms with Jeep was that they would only be made for the home defense force/ home market however a number found there way into the south east asian countries e.g Vietnam, Phillipines, Malaya. Mine was one of 8 sent to the UK for Colt UK to evaluate. As far as I can establish mine is the only one left in private hands. The only other is at Mitsubishi UK. I've had help from a J20 owner in Bangkok (rear lenses) and a J26 owner in Texas (thermostat housing) as well as a member of the owners club in Kyoto who I found via YouTube (carb rebuild kit). The engine is a 2.4 4 cylinder ASTRON with a KM141 4 speed column change box and Hi Low transfer box plus a Warn Overdrive supplied by HermTheOverDriveGuy.

The J20 series were used in Vietnam but again as far as I can tell only for shore patrol deployment not as fighting vehicles.

As mine was made in 1975 and came direct from Japan I very much doubt it was ever in theatre anywhere.


When I repainted I found that a previous owner had put stars on the rear quarters and the bonnet - they Bloomed when I put the paint on :( - but I think this was just for show.


Once again many thanks for the help,


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