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Was up at Biggin Hill today working on the airfield and as I drove home past the Spit and Hurricane outside the chapel I was struck by how unkempt the fence and area seemed to be ......

Not sure who would need to be contacted but there must be enough of us who live within a couple of hrs of Biggin that we could all arrange a working party to tidy the place up and repaint the fence and gates....

Just an idea but to my mind it was almost disrespectful to see the place looking so forgotten ... especialy as several posters in aid of the Legion poppey appeal were very evident in local bus stops urging people not to forget those who gave thier lives ....

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I was born and raised at Biggin Hill but had to move up North with my folks aged 14,I can always remember even now how well kept The RAF base was and how iconic the two planes were,

Just as a mark of respect they should be looked after or turned into some sort of Memorial to all those who fought in the Battle on Britain .

Good luck with your request.




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There would seem to be plans for some kind of center to be built on the site of some of the old housing stock that was redeveloped a few years ago.... at least thats what a board on the side of the road says .

Some of the old E pens still exist and a lot of the underground buildings are still there but sealed.... but you only have to scratch the surface and history appears.... when they started building the new firestation all sorts turned up just under the surface.

Will try and find out more.... given the weather it may be a "spring clean " we end up doing.

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