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stripping old powder-coated aluminium, what to use?



hello all, been struggling with a tin of Nitromors the last couple of evenings - only ever used the automotive version in the past (and with good results) but it doesn't seem to be available anymore?


bought a fresh green tin of the regular stuff (mail order as local shops were ridiculously expensive) and really disappointed - the automotive version would blister the powder-coating on aluminium extrusions within minutes, sometimes within seconds of application (and you'd be wiping off the tiniest bits that flicked onto the back of your hand pretty quick too) - the regular version doesn't work nearly as well - i've not felt the need to wear gloves (say no more) - wasn't cheap either, £40 for 4litres (and the slogan on the tin going on about a new double-strength formula just adds insult to injury really - what a joke - what was the previous formula like?!)


can anyone tell me what I need to mix with my useless weak regular gloop to make it work like the automotive version or where I can buy something that works like the automotive stuff for a similar price/quantity? the extrusions i'm stripping have grooves that makes sanding prior to stripping impractical and since the stripped extrusions will be hand-sanded and polished rather than re-coated, it's important the surface isn't scratched by using coarse stripping discs etc., hence the need for a good stripping formula


cheers, paul

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