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  1. Thanks mate mine in every pic then chunk and dep a swell taken this yeas wartime in the vale
  2. It has been suggested to them but like you I've not heard any thing that said we have just had entry forms so we may here if there's a special or theme this year soon so if it's a yes them someone will be burning lots of midnight oil ahem :-):-)
  3. As the first explorers were built in 1950 just wondering if any events are planing to mark the occasion of there 65th birthday maybe along the lines of most gathered together ect ?
  4. When I tried to get mine a few years ago it was £ 20 weather they found yours or not and mine they had lost I have discovered my explorer was with the qoy until 1989but they were only formed in the 70's I think
  5. Where did you download it from I tried to get mine from the rlc without success
  6. one more thing re steering i didnt check my tyre pressure because they looked right but as it turned out wernt i pumped them up and that made huge improvement
  7. well done on your purchase if youd like to take a seat in the corner the doctor will see you soon but as you may have guessed you may have caught scammellitus its very very contagous and im afraid incurable my steering is fine in a straight line but um interesting on mini roundabouts when driven with vigor brake adjustment is standard for drums hand brake off jack up once choked adjust till binding then back off a little rear axle is the long rods on top of the walking beams nuts may well be seized and fronts asquare adjuster on the bottom of the drum oh and do the rears as a pair ie have both the same side of the ground together and ive made a box spanner with a half inch drive socket welded to it for ease andy
  8. well it looks like 2 people in the bidding so hope she gets a good home ,be a good one idve thought as antar mike did a lot to it
  9. :D:D im a truly luckey chap then mine seems to have a later gear train mod :D:D
  10. thanks for sharing mate , i do like it when the old chaps come up and say hello at abbey hill steam rallythis weekend we were aproached by a ex reme mechanic (80 years of age )sadley he had to get back home before we had a chance to get him back behind the wheel or do some of those outstanding jobs he had been trained for
  11. very rare i dont recall how many they made i only saw one when i was driving and that drove right around me as i was bogged down in a feild very good off road but as i recall plated at 38 tons and a payload of 21 ? tons so they never caught on when was the last time anyone saw one on the road
  12. thanks andy , thats exactlly what i have minus the padded bit but i can always make that up if i have it right the angle irons bolt to the rear of the cab and you remove - invert the rest for stand or seat ? as you have taken it out of daisy can you just nip out a mo and take a pic of it in situ please :-D:-D
  13. hello all amongst the 2 trailer loads of explorer bits ive recently bought was what i took to be some junk to be weighed in but im now told is a seat come stand for use to veiw from the cuppola can anyone post a pic or drawing of one in place and or in use thanks andy
  14. be carefull mate i built a trailer to tow behind my 1980 z 1100 made to legal sizes it was a proper pig to tow the suspenion was way to hard rather than take the bumps out one side would take off momenteraly causing a very bad wobble i made my tow bracket myself but you could in those days
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