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Mack NR 14 crane truck


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In WW2 the Canadian Engineers had a few Dominion 358 cranes mounted on Mack NR 14 chassis, used by the Road Construction Units. Unlike the US Quickway crane on Brockway C666 except of 2 photos printed in the Mack book by Vanderveen I ve never saw any other photos. Any other Mack NR 14 crane photos around, maybe even in "action"?


Juergen, Salzburg Austria

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Rivet counters ? sheesh, I'll be sure to mention that one to the lads....


There was a very similar Mack, visually identical, right down to the colour, at Braidwood, just south of Carluke, south-east of Glasgow, but that yard was turned into a housing estate years ago. I thought when I saw it that is was based on an NO2 but couldn't be sure as I was concentrating on salvaging GPA bits at the time.


On the same theme I did see a Quick Way crane on a long wheelbase Diamond T chassis south of Oslo, but that would have been fifteen years back too. I remember the owner telling me it was built specifically for the Canadian army though.

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