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Helmet Identification: German by any chance?


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Hi guys, I got this helmet from one of our local scap metal yards a few weeks ago. Seeing that this site is teeming with boffins, it thought this would be the best place to pose the question.


It is very different from our old army helmets and when looking at pics on the net, it appears similar to german helmets. It does not for instance, have the rivets on the sides, so I don't know. I can't explain either how this helmet got to this part of the world and why it would end up where I found it.


The condition is not too bad, one small ding on the top, the strap has snapped and the lacing is gone on the inside. The paint is not to bad and it does not appear to be repainted.


Any ideas?


Middelburg-20111025-00266 1.jpg

Middelburg-20111025-00267 2.jpg

Middelburg-20111025-00268 3.jpg

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Hi Montie,

yes the helmet is German, the reason it has no rivets is because it is of post war design, not to sure of the timeline of events but i think the were issued with US style helmets before returning to their own style

with the revised liner system as shown



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