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some more recently finnished models in 1/76th scale


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hi all

i know some of you aksed me to post more pics of my models, so here they are;-


land rover 110 wmik


and a very rare vehicle, (they only converted 6), it is called a 'warpig' some of you may have never heard about, it is a converted us lmtv 4x4 used by the us spec ops in iraq, as a mother ship, much like the sas used the unimog.

can have a variety of armaments and carries lots of jerrycans.


and this one has yet to be painted, showing how the kits is made from resin and metal parts.

it is a dutch spec ops mercedes g wagen, as used in afghanistan.

commisioned by some serving dutch army personel, who have just come back from there.

thanks for looking


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