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JagdPanzer IV in Syrian service


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The syrians are supposed to have

5 x Hummels 15cm sFH on pz111/1V chassis

6 x Jagdpanzer 4

25 x panzer 4

28 x StuG 3


Pic of a StuG 3 at Latrun note this on has a remote MG-similar to Hetzer and a steel armour shield around the commanders hatch -a common addition to Syrian StuG 3 which is odd as the StuG 3 cupola was one of the better German cupola designs -not disimilar to that developed post war for the Leo 1.





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Just noticed a JPIV/48 listed on http://the.shadock.free.fr/Surviving_Panzer_IV_variants.pdf , pictured in the 1980s, dug in on the Golan Heights. No mention of one at Latrun.

only notes- i have long time info (unverified) about ex-German Panzer IV and others,

in the few post war years was in service Czechoslovak army, together with Russian T-34 and Cromwells,


first time Czech goverment supported Iserael armed forces, mainly Spitfire IX, Me-109 and hands weapons with munition.

But Russian make late change, stop support for Iserael, and Czech goverment must susend support to Arabian countries Egypt and Syria.


And for Syria was send supply with this Panzers IV.


Maybe its true.



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