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Jordan Crisis


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can anyone identify what model of Marmon-Herrington that is? (on the first photo).

They are Marmon Herrington Mk4(F) modified with a 6pdr a/t gun mounted in the turret in place of the normal 2pdr. These are early example without the turret extension.


There is an example in Aman and was at the Martyrs Gate but could now be at the new tank museum. This is the modified version



The other scouts are Canadian Lynx.


Anyway wots wrong with a MH4 I'd have one like a shot great piece of kit, - and IMO totally fit for purpose as a Recce patrol vehicle.



'poor chaps' had to wear battledress blouse and trousers.

Nothing wrong with BDs either -best marino wool what more could you want:???




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yes HM King Hussein no doubt showing himself to encourage the loyality of his troops after the coup in Iraq had caused the federation to fall apart -which was inspired by Nasser(pan Arab fraternity:???) -his majesty was of course successful in holding his kingdom together, -nothing changes in the Arab nations - tribalism has a lot to answer for:-(



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