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ID this oddity!


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While superficially a Borgward B2 I think it is more likely to be a version of the prototype series of leichter Landungsträger Sd Kfz 302 (E -motor) which is an electric motor explosive charge demolition vehicle -also known as Goliath Gerät 67 - later versions, the common type, had small wheels and looked a bit like a minature WW1 British Mk1 tank.


The exhibit in the photo is probably a SdKfz302 because it lacks any sign of exhaust pipe -therefore no gasoline motor -only a heat vent for the electric motors. note the large sprocket much larger than the one on the B2 and the different patern wheels B2 had 4 spoke -the first prototype SdKfz302 had wheels with solid covers.

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