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Dvd 'sunday'


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Came up as a recommendation from online book,DVD,CD site. A channel 4 film 'SUNDAY' written by Jimmy McGovern. General Ford, Christopher Eccleston. Think produced 2001.

Any one here lend their Landi, Scaracen, and got involved as a extra in this film?

A very good attempt at British Army kit of the period, Larkspur, DMS/putties S6 resperators,helmets etc. although DPM's do let the image slip a bit, (Christopher Eccleston does appear to be wearing in one shot a 60 pattn DPM smock) And where did all those SLR's, riot guns come from? and many apear to be blank firing, (pos. CGI affects?)

The film, well,well worth getting. Quite harrowing at times and with over 280min of extras.


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