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Hello from North Nottinghamshire


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My name is Nick and I am from North Nottinghamshire. I am retired far too early but that is another story LOL....I have driven landrovers for previous employment but this is the first time I have owned a series 3 FFR and am really enjoying my new project. As it is an FFR I have restored much of the Clansman kit into the rear and as a licenced Radio Ham since the 1980's I have also used the kit to make contacts over the air. Still got quite a bit to progess with but having no garage and the weather is becoming a problem any new task will be as and when. Anyway hello to everyone...regards Nick

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Put your name down in my little red book!!

Great your a Landi man, fantastic your a FFR man, and even better you can use them.:D

Please post a pic. or two of your set up. I've a airportable FFR, clansman kit, and last night got my call sign.

Want to demo. kit at events, so will need advice (already had great info. on my 'radio ham licence' thread.


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Hello everyone


Thanks for the warm welcome. I have thought about one of the caravan covers and it is on the list to get. I have to tax the beast in November so once is that done I shall look at getting a cover. Having plenty of time is fine but my wife has always got me plenty of other jobs lined up. Cash flow is also the other problem especialy when I have such a low income. As soon as I get into this new forum and learn how to do it I will put some pictures up. My landrover is a 1983 series 3 model released in 1998 then into storage in one once place or another finaly ending up with me earlier this year.





FFR 109 reduced.jpg

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