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steering box problem on M62



My steering on the M62 is very odd, when you turn to the left the steering is lovely and light powered nicely, however when you turn to the right, the power assistance is gone...it leaked some steering fluid previously, from where i am unsure but the reservoir is full...anyone got any ideas what it could be...I guess i have a sticking valve somewhere but where...

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had a simler prob on my land rover was found to be a pin hole in the hose between pump and res ,blead the steering box for air by going from lock to lock and releasing the bleed screw while on full lock this clear any air from the system, this is best done with a helper then check all pipes . my feed had rubed through agenst the chassy, made a temp fix with a split bit of hose and a hose clip .this might help track the foult .

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