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Extras for my boat....

sas pinkie

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Hi chaps,


Not really sure where to put this so I have slung it in here for the time being.


I was amazed to find an Ex military inflatable boat, complete with the engine after having been looking for one for a good few years now, so snapped it up for a bargain price.


I am now finding the accessories just as hard to track down.


I am after stuff like the correct oars, fuel bladder and some of the military life jackets for it. Any one know of a good place to track this stuff down? I need them to be in a usable state as I intend to go and use this at sea and around the local rivers around here as well as possibly taking it to a few shows.......


Any ideas at all? Cheers.

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Is it a Gemini craft? Used by MOD 1970s to present- getting slowly replaced by the MIB (Medium Inflatable Boat) or a Searider? First had 40hp and latter a 70hp engine. Parts come up in surplus circles now and again but serviceability can vary. Lifejackets differed depending on Arm of Service or role. Ranged from CO2 Stole type, RE Lifejacket, Waistcoat types and even the Yokemaster lifejacket (aka Yellow Peril)


The RN also had them but with other extras such as light bars with navigation lights etc but most CES parts were common to both with additions for divers, open water or inland etc.

Early one had a wooden 2 piece keel section with later ones an alloy one. If it is I can send a PDF of boat parts, operations etc.




Advanced Watermanship Safety Officer (WSO(A))

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You are the man. It is a Gemini, with ali keel. It came with its service Marina 30. (I know its military and the right engine for the boat due to the source it came from).


Any thing you know about these would be great. Mail any PDF's you have to karl_joynes@yahoo.co.uk


I am ideally doing up as a Royal Engineers boat. So I am after the green "sausage" style Life jacket fired by Co2. I am aware extras may be of varying quality. I dont mind if its unservicable as long as its cheep enough because I can then use it for display and get a civvie equivilant for when I use it. I would really like to get the correct fuel bladder for it though.....


Karl.... RYA Power boat level 2.....lol

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