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Canadian army disassembles and reassemables Jeep in under 4 min

RGJ/H. Alan

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This used to be an oft repeated demonstration but over the years of defence cuts et alia it has slowly died away.


The vehicle is an M38A1 Canadian and is refered to by some of the old hands as the Jiffy Jeep. Obviously it is assembled to "rattling piss fit standard" and many things are not functional even to the point that I think some serious modifications at one point were done to make the coolant system a closed loop according to legend, others say it has no coolant. The same can be said of the oil system. There was a previous example i believe based on an M38.


The M38A1 Cdn has long been out of the inventory except in this form. Exactly how many there are is debateable.


Someone like Mr Farrant will recall that REME did the same at the Royal Tournament with a lightweight I think.




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Keep Them Rolling, the HMV club I am a member of, has a “Jeep Construction Team” which does the same thing with a WW2 jeep. It has been specially modified with quick disconnect spring hanger pins etc. It is not roadworthy, but it is a great crowd puller for sure!





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