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Mill Meece Staffordshire


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Evening folks,


not long got back from a small event supporting Airportable at Mill Meece Pumping Station,

a enjoyable, laid back show, not a military vehicle event, but a typical small agricultural type event, stationary engines, tractors, cars etc.


Military vehicle wise, 2x lightweights, 1x 109" ffr (mine!!) 1x 110", and a ferret. In the motorbike section, a Matchless.


I took my deacts and uniforms for a change, Andy (Airportable) took a small display including his 50cal, and there was another display next to him, and theren was also a display behind the 110.


Anyway, enough rambling, heres the selected piccys




Mark :cool:




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Thanks Mark. I was told before leaving that the weekend had raised enough money to pay off outstanding bills and would pay for next years coal for this fantastic part of our heritage. They could not thank us enough for the work you and everyone put in and they want you back next year. Fantastic display Mark. So these little local events do help to keep our past very much alive.

Everyone, please try to support such events in your area, we can ALL make a difference to what survives, or through lack of intrest is cut up for scrap. Again, thanks Mark your display was very well recieved.

Andy. A few more pics.




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