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Abbot Cupola Bearing Removal?


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I've come across another puzzle as I take apart the Abbot- the cupola needs some work. Two of the locking levers only move under force, and the cupola of course won't budge. I removed the locking lever handles and square brackets on the front, so the square shaft on the ~2" round piece is free to wiggle.


I've also removed the "traverse" handles and a ball bearing fell out. I can look up inside and see the groove and detents where the bearing rides. At this point I'm out of things to loosen. I can't see a single nut, bolt, or screw... If I pull hard enough is the round piece supposed to come out...?


Also, I apparently stumped the forum a few weeks ago when I was wondering how to remove the balancer rams. My best idea so far is to fully raise the gun and thus loosen the chains enough to sneak a wrench in and undo the rams. Better ideas would be welcome :)



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