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AEC Matador

Albion WD/HD

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I have recently bought a Matador and i was wondering if anybody could tell me the year it was built. The chassis number is 08531363, it has the early twin rollers at the front, Brass radiator cap so i presume its early 40s but i cant tell which year. It has the vented roof and unusually Simms electrics instead of Cav. It is quite a big project(im only 16) but its all mainly cab work and as expected from a Matador it runs well and drives and the breaks work. hope sombody can help.




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i took the jib off because it was knackered, all worn and it was'nt the nicest of looking jibs. I had plans to put a Hiab on it but for the time being she will remain as she is. Cab isn't that bad hardly any rot only it has taken a beating on the drivers side so i need to strengthen it up and make a new door.


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