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military transport WW 1

25 pounder

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Interesting indeed, it is a Peugeot! I'm not an expert but will hopefully learn a lot during the restoration. I still have not figured out what type mine is, but I do see some differences from the pictures:

1) Radiator (of course);

2) Radiator filling opening;

3) Rear leaf springs under axle;

4) The engine has a governor, this was the case with the later types;

5) Frame cross members are protruding;

6) The gap between the mudguards and the frame is closed;


There where 4 types of this lorry: 1515, 1524, 1525 and 1535. I have an original 1920 parts price list which shows pictures of most parts. Will see if I find more tomorrow.


Will it be restored?


Thanks for posting


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wrong type (1515)
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When you say the frame cross members are protruding, you are referring to the ones above the gearbox?


The radiator is the classic Peugeot shape, but the round/hexagonal things at the top and bottom i have not seen before on a Peugeot, but it could have had a new core fitted at a later date. I guess the rad cap/filler could be the same thing. The rear springs running under the axle is rather odd and i cant think of where i might have seen this before. It could also be a later bodge with springs from something else.


Very interesting, but i really dont know much about the early Peugeots. Cel, by a process of default (and because you own one), you are now the world expert. Does yours have a chassis number?

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Yes, thes are between the frame rails on mine and one other I have seen. I have found one significant difference: the attachments of the rear springs. I believe the sprins running under the axle is original, there are some pictures in the book 'Les camions de la victoire' where you can see clearly this type of spring used. I am not too sure though whether the descriptions with the pictures are accurate as I seem to find contradictions between them. The front attachments of these springs are different, see the picture of mine and compare it to the one above. According to my parts book that should narrow the type down to either a 1525 or 1535 and mine to a 1515 of 1524. It should have a serial number but I haven't found it yet. 25pounder was so kind to tell me where the truck is, I will try to get in contact with the owner. To be continued...




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