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1919 ford armoured cars


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i see this post on the axis history forums,, info wanted on jeffery quad's & ''FORD ARMOURED CARS'' that were used in ireland 1919/1920, we had a thread about the jefferys a while back but a ford a/c i have not heard of and was woundering is it maybe a workshop 1 or 2 made or a production car,,,,, any info please.


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Ford model T chassis were converted to armoured for use by the RNAS Armoured Car Squadron operating in Russia under Commander Locker-Lampson and were designed by a CPO Gutteridge. The vehicle had re-enforced springs fitted and an armour hull shape like a Victorian tin bath of 5mm armoured plate with a full enclosure for the driver and motor and an open rear mounted Vickers or Maxim in a shield mount firing rear ward at least 4 were made.


I am not aware of the Ford model T Armoured CAr being used in Ireland during the 1916-1922 troubles


Standard Model T ford tenders (trucks) were fitted with lewis and Vickers MMG in both British and US service (30cal Lewis) mounted to be fired forward from the passenger seat and were in effect precusors of WW2 Jeeps

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book,, ambushes and armour the irish rebellian ( wh kautt) 1919-1921, has a short referance to a ford armoured car of which one hundred were order in 1920


trials were concucted in november 1920 by the royal arsenal at woolwich along with representatives of the 5th armoured car company the trails clearly showed the fords were most unsuitable for service in ireland and the armour plating was not even bullet proof,under desperation the cars were order anyway..the book give a sketch of the car which looks a lot like the locker lampson armoured ford used in russian 1916/17 { as mention by steveo578 }


thats the only referance i have ever came across of a ford ,,ARMOURED,, car in ireland (so far)



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