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Hercules engine decal set

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I have finally completed the crankcase breather decal(DONALDSON), so I can now offer a complete decal set for the Hercules engine, as found in the Diamond T, Autocar and other big trucks from WWII.

I have previously offered the the air cleaner (UNITED)and oil filter decals (FRAM)


oil filter $19.00 USD per set, you will need 2 sets


aircleaner $6.00 USD


crankcase breather $6.00 USD


A complete set is $50.00, which includes 2 oil filter sets, 1 aircleaner and 1 crankcase decal. Shipping is extra.


PM if interested.


picture attached


John Gott

engine decals 006.JPG

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John these look well but don't we need three sets for the oil filter as there are three and two air oil bath filters?

What colour should these be painted, and was the whole engine one colour?

I have a DXFE Diesel Hercules in a 981

Thanks David.

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You are correct on the amount decals you need, as my DiamondT 969 needs 2 oil filters decal sets. As far as color goes, the filter canisters are painted semi gloss black, the air cleaner(s) are painted semi gloss black. The eingine ??? mine was originally painted grey and then OD. I saw one recently in a 981 that had HERCULES that was painted grey. The breather decal is correct for the RXC engine, I do not know if you need one the dieel engine.




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