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The Dewsbury Diamond T's


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Went to look at these yesterday. No pics to hand but will post one or two over next couple of days.


For those who don't know they are operated by Heybeck Garage. One is pretty original, still with the ballast body in place. The second is less original - stretched with one axle removed and a recovery body added - not sure this second has moved for a long time, but the owner said the ballast bodied one was fine just needed batteries connecting. I would say it has deteriorated a bit in last couple of years but still essentially solid and all there. Has new wings fitted, and he still has the original 4 speed box (9 speed now fitted) as well as couple of spare axles and other bits.


It was used until fairly recently for bigger more awkward jobs but I got the impression is now getting to the end of its useful life.


Incidentally he needs a fuel pump for the Martian out back if anybody knows of one...



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I have wanted a Diamond T, ever since i first saw them 30 odd years ago. I did have a look at them before i bought the 969, but they wanted a lot of work, and at the time, the owner had no interest in selling. If you get them, i wish you all the best, if i can help at all, just drop me a note.



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I had no idea that he was selling them... I used to pass them everyday on my way to work and an ex-girlfriend's parents owned the fish and chip shop adjacent to them. I have spent many a happy hour talking to the owner as he worked on his trucks. Lovely old lorries.The fish and chips were great as well (and they were free !!!):-)

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As I say he wants a lot for them but I got the distinct impression that he was more interested in selling than perhaps he has been in the past. Not for me but would make a nice project for someone.


nice guy actually, he was a bit standoffish to start with but then spent a lot of time telling me the history of the vehicles and what he's done with them. I was running late so had to disappear but i think he would have talked for ages longer if not..

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