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ID of Cyprus makeshift Armoured car


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This makeshift armoured car was built in Cyprus during the early 1960s and was used during the inter-communal fighting there. It seems to have been built on a British chassis, but can anybody identify the make from the engine and what little is visible of the underside. Could it be a Fordson product? The carburettor is a Solex and the fuel tank is located at the rear.


Any help would be appreciated











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Thinking back to the IntSum on the afternoon of our arrival at RAF Nicosia, UNFICYP in September 1976, memory suggests that there were two armoured vehicles we needed to be on the lookout for and spotting one would draw the usual prize to the crew of a crate of beer.


One was a T34 in the hands of the Turks in the north and the other was I believe a Marmon Herrington armoured car of the Greek Cypriots in the south. But it was a long time ago and AFAIK, even though we were a recce regt by trade and spotting was our business, nobody in the squadron won a crate throughout the tour.


Bazz? Thoughts?

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