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It's in the car you see in my signature... none other than the Battleship herself. All my research material shows that Zachow replaced the steam engine with a Continental, but I wanted to double check that's still the same engine. It's definitely not a Wisconsin.

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Anybody seen any good info on early Continental engines? Lots of stuff on the web on the aircraft powerplants, but not much on their earliest ground vehicle engines. I have found a lists of some early cars and trucks that had Continentals, but thus far I have not been able to find an engine pic from the right era.


I have lots of other period pics of the Battleship, including some when it was just a powered chassis (both with the steam engine and the gasser) and it appears that this is still the same engine that was in it from 1908/'09. The Nancy Hank has a Wisconsin, which I believe to be originally installed. The Scout car may also have had a Wisconsin. I have pics and serial numbers of all the FWD touring cars, though I have not been able to connect pics to VINs for all the cars yet. I do know at least one other touring car had the same engine as the Battleship.

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