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Hi thier gents

tim gray

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Hello thier,


Just registerd after many moons off the scene as it were. For those who dont know me i spent some time in the mob, and on leaving spent a good while sorting my life out and getting on track out in the fabled civi street.


Now that ive been "normalised" i look forward to crawling around under various aged pieces of kit getting quite greasy round the edges.:-D

For those who may have known me back a while, i look forward to reforging the links that were lost.


Hopefully, the vehicle i have will be present this year at the hop farm after far too long as a hanger queen.

Just a bit more fettling to be done.


Tim Gray

MCC Pu 8Cwt

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Tim, SAFTEY WARNING: See thread what's normal in your house. If you are prepared to rsik mind and sanity , welcome in and pull up whatevers handy to sit on.


:-D Checked out the thread Tony......good point ....whats normal :cool2: I went no futher than the whips and leather bits :shocked:.............mind you.....a horse is a mil vehicle.



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