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HMS Poseidon - Recovered


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I was tracking down all the preserved WW2 Submarines around the world (we do have a poor show :-( ), I came across a reference to HMS Poseidon a British sub that was sunk in an accident near China in 1931. A news report said that new evidence leaked in 2009 from China admits that the Poseidon was raised from 40m of water in 1971 as an exercise for the Chinese Navy but the Chinese Government will not elaborate on what they did with the remains of the sailors or the remains of Poseidon..... intersting that one. Any one with an update?

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I found a more up to date reference from 2010:



It appears the Poseidon was scrapped in China, but they claim that there were no remains to be discovered, but ALSO that there records are a little 'lacking' from those years.


PS. Rememeber the U-boat (U-534) that was raised in the north sea back in the early 90s, it was all over the BBC? It was on display largely intact in Liverpool, however the museum went under and the U-boat was sold.... to move it they chopped it into three! Apparently it is now displayed in its three sections in Liverpool. I suppose it is better to do that than leave it to rot, but all the same....cutting it up, it doesn't sit right.


PPS. The british government attitude to wartime preservation used to stink! Just look down the East coast of the US, they have got a vast amount of preserved ships and submarines.... and us.... one 'wartime' sub in portsmouth, a Cruiser (Belfast) and possibly a destroyer. I've always hoped that the Government would buy or trade back HMS Hermes from the Indians when she gets decommissioned and dock her in the Thames. Perfect ship: Wartime design, Cold War service, sent to the Falklands in 82, all bases covered.

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My late, paternal Grandfather, served in the submarine arm, before WW2. The photo album I've inherited contains a number of photos of HMS Poseidon, including this postcard, sold to raise funds for the dependants' of the lost crew.


On the back is written "I paid 10/- for this card the proceeds go to the dependants of those who lost their lives"

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