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Nice day out


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Tim where do you go green laning?

I'll post some of my pictures later of some of the trip I have done in my jeep.....


Hi Demon


There are loads of byways around here, north Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire areas, ridgeway etc.The ridgway isn't that much fun these days as a lot of it has been surfaced & the walkers don't like you.

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Tim I have been along th Ridgeway from Swindon to Henley a couple of years ago.... it's beautiful but there's no challenge...it's just a little to flat for me.


I go to the South Downs and the Devil's Punch bowl and Norway for jeepin in the snow, but I'm always looking for new place's.


The wood area looks like a lot of fun.


Here's some pictures....








Hmmmmmmmmm seems that I'm always taking the pictures of my mates in there jeeps....




Hey finally one of me.....



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Demon check out O/S explorer map 158 for Newbury there should be enough RUPPs & BOATs on there to keep you happy for a couple of days! I don't think you will find anything too challenging, although one or two get a bit interesting in the winter. If you do decide to come this way give me a shout.

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Jack do I have to bring mine too. You know just in case.


Nice pictures of some Bluebells there, you old romantic you.


Yep, bluebells are an ancient woodland indicator :wink:




Hey steady on there Jack , for a moment I thought we were on Country File. :lol: :lol:



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