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Good afternoon everybody. I'm new to the forum and to military vehicles. I've got a 1977 landrover series 3 which is FFR, therefore a 24 volt system.

I wonder if anyone can help me with sorting my charging system. I've read Clive's paper and although it's very helpful I'm still stuck.

I'd like to know what are the connections inside the generator panel, and where they go to.

I'd also like to know if anywhere sells parts for FFR landrovers.


Many thanks.

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Well guessed adam. You'll also know that its not to old. At least its not those new 3000 numbers.

I'm a leckie based at RAF Marham.

I'm really into landrovers but this one is giving me one hell of a headache. I think you better put me on the waiting list for the padded room Tony

What does do you lot drive/fix?



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Dont succumb to the "Change it to 12v" brigade, the 24v system is far superior, and with the shielded electrics it is pretty well waterproof, although the ignition parts can be expensive from dealers keep an eye out for bargains on e-bay and buy them when you see them, i have just bought a stack of plugs for mimimal money.

You usually get loads of bits turn up on ebay that have been taken off of 24v landrovers, so keep an eye out, they arent particularly rare.


Do you have the Military reg of your landrover?


This is my vehicle

Humber Pig.jpg

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Hells teeth! Thats one impressive looking vehicle. What is it? Is that all armoured? It must be interesting to drive.


My landy is pretty much standard. Its lost the military HT leads which have been replaced with peugout ones, and as you know the charging system is canabalized, at best.


I keep my eyes peeled on Ebay, but i'm not having much luck.


I wrote to the royal logistic corps museum and got the B record card but I cant make out much of it. The Reg was 18 GN 53. It was in service from 01/1/1978 and left in 23/09/1993. 12 years before I joined up!

Its been to, Ashchurch-ADPCON, 8 sig regt and S/O Aston Down. Thats all I can make out.

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