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Nut Splitters


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If you are replacing nuts/bolts with new ones then the easiest way is to whip off the old ones with a grinder.

Poor Russ had to replace every nut/bolt on the bed of the Bedford & after trying various methods they were too rusted in so only option was to cut tops off the bolts.

Never used 1 of those things though



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They're good for removing a nut without damaging the stud, something which can be tricky with a grinder or hammer & chisel.

They are also useful if you need to avoid heating nearby components. Again, tricky with a grinder and impossible with gas.

The biggest problem is they tend to be a bit bulky. Sometimes you just can't get them on the nut.

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ok here is how I do it if im trying to preserve the stud. I drill two holes in to one face of the nut. one above the other (choose a diameter less than half the hight of the face). if you are real carefull you get a little puff of dust just before you hit the stud. Then take a good, sharp, small chisel and cut down the land between the holes. If all is well the nut just splits. The holes mean that you can hit the chisel less hard and do less damage. I realise that there are some limitations to the technique but if you can get in with a drill it works well.

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