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  1. Spoke with a friend not long ago, who mentioned that in the "Boot" of our 434 (apart from a few beers), we carried an assortment of tools, some of which where held in the "Tiffy Box", I am trying to work out what tools we carried in it. Track splitting & refitting gear I know. Does anybody know if a copy of G1098 is around for that box, or copy . Many thanks.
  2. Hello all. I am an ex-REME VM(b), so have probably repaired many of the vehicles here, joined up in 1965. I have always had a keen interest in anything mechanical, and would love to be able to carry out a refurb of my own, but Wife and lack of space has put a hold on this. But if anyone in South Wales wants a hand from a silver head then get in touch (may not be able to lift, but brain and tools active).
  3. I am an ex? REME Mechanic with a love of all military vehicles , old & new . Really looking forward to using the Forum .:-\:-D
  4. Hi Folks My name is John , and a newbie to this Forum . A bit about myself , I am Ex-Army , served 24yrs in REME as a Vehicle Mechanic , joining in 1965 as an Army Apprentice . Military vehicles have always been a first love of mine (exclude the wife) and have worked on all types from wheeled to track (less RAC Tanks) . I have always wanted to own/overhaul an old vehicle such as Ferret or Stalwart , but have never had the facilities to do so . I am sure that I will get enjoyment from this Forum . All the best .
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