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  1. Hi Richard how you doing. I explained that also to the fellow that recently found and acquired his own Mk6...re the mineral oil.
  2. I am given to understand that one of the three of these I currently own is one the of former Skegness pair. As time goes by, I am less and less sure that I will be able to restore any of these, so if anyone is interested..... I would be very interested to know more about your three vehicles and would very much like an opportunity to view them.
  3. Nice to see the ex Headcorn one still about. Is she still a runner?
  4. Leah the owner of the vehicle was in touch through email with me yesterday and sent through these couple of pics. She has no interest in the vehicle in any way except wanting to get shot of it from her barn by selling it either as a whole, or bit by bit. Her emails are rather short, not very sweet and to the point! She apparently has a buyer for the engine, which I think will be a B81, and the gearbox. The gearbox could be a fully automatic one as the RCAF did not like the semi auto pre select box that came with the truck and had them upgraded. I cannot recall the other differences of the Canadian spec G19, there were a few and I think they are mentioned in Bill Munro's Alvis Saracen Family book. There are few remaining Mk.6 versions in the UK, the Museum of RAF Fire Fighting having, I believe, the last remaining running version and the first one off the production line. But this Canadian version is probably quite unique and probably the last of it's kind.
  5. Thanks Sean, I was not aware that had been posted. I am more than a little surprised to be reading that it's a runner! It's sad to think what might become of it. It's quite probably the very last of it's kind, being the Canadian variant that was a fair bit different to the one built by Pyrene for the RAF. If Leah made a little bit more of an effort he might get somewhere!
  6. I don't know if any of you might have seen and read this post. It would seem that it is possible that a G19 as it was designated, could be currently rotting away in a barn in Canada. I first saw the post almost a year ago and tried to get a dialogue going with the person Leah, but it dried up when I was asking about providing more details and a photograph. http://www.fire-engine-photos.com/picture/number2343.asp?c=46701 As you will see from reading the thread, the current owner is likely to get shot of it at any time. I have no idea if it is what the thread suggests, possibly the Canadian variant of the Alvis Salamander of which I believe only about 15 or so were ever built. If it were somewhere here in the UK I'm sure it would have been seen by now, quite how this may be accommodated in whats being suggested is a remote part of Canada I really have not a clue! Any idea's gentlemen? Regards Dave
  7. Chris and Gerald...Chris, I'm so sorry for not replying to your post, for some reason I missed it and only just noticed it when Gerald messaged me about transport. I'm very pleased to be able to tell you that I received a Pye Cambridge just today. It came from an RAF vet after I put a post on the facebook page RAF Mates Where are they now! It's a complete set and in pretty good nick. Apparently it was last used in a taxi! Thanks again to both of you, Dave
  8. Thanks Iain and Clive for both your replies, it gives me at least a bit of hope that something may turn up if I keep looking about! Cheers Dave
  9. For a vehicle at the Museum of RAF Fire Fighting at Scampton, I'm hoping I may be able to track down a Pye Vanguard Radio. They were extensively used in the RAF from about the late 60's through to the 70's until replaced by the Storno sets. The only difference between the ones in service and the pic here, was we had a telephone style handset with a transmit button on the back as opposed to the mic pictured here. If anyone has any idea where I might lay my hands o one I would be very pleased to hear. Cheers Dave
  10. Hi again After some info again please current or former owners of any of the above. Our Salamander is not riding at the correct height as we run her with the water and foam tank empty. I don't particularly want to laden her up with almost 4 tons just to get the ride height correct. Documentation I have suggests that the hull to ground clearance on a Salamander should be about 1' 1". Ours is currently more like 1' 5", this gives the appearance of excessive camber and too much wheel arch clearance. Basically does not look right! I'm also aware that this incorrect ride height creates more wear issues on the drive shafts. My question is; by using the torsion bar adjusters, how much actual height adjustment is possible? Second question, doing an oil change, what oil should be used in the B81? The book I have has OM110 or OMD75? Does anyone know the current MOD spec or what commercial oil I need to get hold of? Cheers Dave
  11. Cheers Terry, It's very tempting to just paint ours black! But having found a photo of it in service from the early seventies with polished rims we've decided to use this as a template for restoration. I've heard about soda blasting and have tracked a mobile firm down for a quote! Could be interesting! Cheers Dave
  12. Hi all We're restoring the alloy split rims to the non-painted alloy look which is how they were during the last few years in service. Apart from hard graft, are there any tried and tested methods to make this job a little easier? Cheers Dave
  13. Thanks Richard and Wally, you have both confirmed what I thought was probably the problem, it's nice to have that second or third opinion though! Wally, yes I would be interested to know about how we might be able to alleviate the problem. Cheers Dave
  14. Just another quick question aimed at all you B81 experts! Just some opinions sort please. The engine is running pretty sweet now and all efforts on continuing the restoration work are on the body. I just happened to dip the oil yesterday and was surprised to see that it was very pale, a bit milky looking. Alarm bells of water in the oil sounded, so I took a small plate off from the plug side of the rocker box and stuck my fingers in. No nasty frothy stuff, still oil that looks a little milky but lots of water droplets on the top of the inside of the rocker cover that came out on my fingers. I checked same on our other Salamander (MK6) and oil was also milky looking. The engine on this vehicle has not been run for over 12 years. The hanger the vehicles are stored in is cold and quite damp so I'm wondering (and hoping) this is just a characteristic of that. Once I've worked out the how! I'll be doing an oil change. It's a dry sump oil system by the way which I assume is common on Stalwart, Saladin and Saracen? Cheers Dave
  15. Thanks for this, I have another dizzy to play around with and perhaps fit with new points at a later date. There was also a problem with the carb having muck in it, probably drawn up when I had the petrol tank out to get to the brake cylinder. Running sweet again...for now! Cheers Dave
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