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  1. Finished installing the tinwork and assembled the radiator today.
  2. A new air tank was frabricated, all air valving rebuilt, i have fabricated most of the panel work from scratch, repairing as much of the original as possible.
  3. It has been a few months since my last update, alot has hapoened and I am nearing completion. I have a deadline to work towards , it has to be finished by the 21st of November. In this photo you can see the engine side panel and steel floor I made
  4. And if I get tired of the old stuff, Im building a sport bike with 10" suspension travel.
  5. When I finish working on the truck every day, I go home and relax and work on this, my 1924 Dodge.
  6. Has anyone noticed what was lurking under the cover in the background?
  7. Today's update: I fabricated the new front panel work and control straps.
  8. That sounds right, they say he purchased the truck as a kit and drove it as is.
  9. I think they were exported with the cab removed for tax purposes,
  10. This is the newest photo of the truck, taken yesterday, thanks for all of the encouraging words everybody. Charley
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