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  1. Welcome to the forum, Im not to far away in yate/chipping sodbury. Cheers Alex C
  2. An old spec deact sterling SMG with bayonet, and a life times supply of socks......
  3. Clive, You could be right after a little web search of Bs381C 499 I think that's the dark brown that is used on the ammo boxes you see for 7.62, 5.56 & 105mm etc.... I should have posted a picture really to avoid any confusion. I will post one today if I get a chance. Cheers Alex P.s Clive you should have a picture of the .30 box (and the gun linkage). It was my turret you where photographing at Evesham this year.
  4. Many thanks Clive. Will see if I can get a tin mixed up at the local paint supplier. cheers alex
  5. Hi all, I'm after the BS paint code for the lighter brown british post war (1960's) .30cal ammo box. As used in ferrets etc.. Any help would be great. Cheers. Alex
  6. That's my ferret in front of the pig on the way out of the arena. Thanks for sharing. cheers alex
  7. Hi dave, Welcome aboard, also in Bristol. Alex
  8. Hi all. Got space on a lorry loading in Avonmouth, Bristol on Friday the 12th of July, but the lorry is not travelling over till the 13th for War and peace. And returning on Sunday the 21st back to avonmouth Bristol. Land rover + Sankey trailer sized space. At a good price. please PM if interested. Cheers Alex c
  9. Hi all, think the merlin computer system took over in 1987? So if it did go to the gulf in 91 it will only be on the computer system? Cheers alex
  10. Welcome aboard! All the best with the ferret resto. I've recently taken the plunge and got a mark 2. Plenty of ferret knowledge here on the forum. cheers alex c
  11. Hi all, an event in Hereford which I'm involved in. Pay us a visit or QSO! This Special Event Station will be celebrating 35 years of Clansman Military Radio being in service. The event will take place on Saturday 23rd March 2013 from Suvla Barracks in Hereford, 10.00-17.00, with proceeds going to Help for Heroes Charity. There will be further displays of other types of Military Radio equipment, Weapons and Militaria, Military Vehicles, Help for Heroes Merchandise, Territorial Army Recruitment Stand, Army, Air Cadets and the very interesting Hereford Light Infantry Museum. Refreshments
  12. Welcome! just down the road from me! I'm in chipping sodbury! Good luck with your jeep! Drop me a PM if you need a hand. Maybe able to help. cheers Alex
  13. Hi all, question - which combination of Clansman radios where fitted in ferrets? Only 352 and 353? Or two 353's? Would there ever have been a need to fit a DMU? Cheers alex
  14. Hi I have the radio table (long one in the centre) which I now know is from a coms bodied RB44 if any one is interested. It's in mint condition. PM if interested. cheers
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