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  1. To be honest Nick, whilst that's an ideal, I'm up against it with the engine rebuild, transfer case seal/handbrake repair, wonky light switch and a dozen other jobs even to make the ferry :nut:
  2. Thanks Tony, I'll look out for that one! Indeed John, are they even taught/examined any more?
  3. Still hoping to have the Jeep built up in time for our first trip with it to Normandy. Please could anyone advise if L&R turning hand signals are the same in France as the UK (for LHD vehicle!). Thanks, Dave
  4. Thanks Pete, will be sure to check that. Dave
  5. Well, finally got my bracket from Jeffrey's and as I'd suspected I had a problem with the make up length, the 1/2" dia. shoulder protruded beyond the washer, bush, bracket assembly preventing it pulling up tight against the genny. To solve this, I popped the bolt in the lathe and put a new shoulder on the shank, 9.5mm dia. and 23.5mm from the underside of the bolt head. This allowed the 1/2" shoulder to butt up against the genny lug with a little bit of compression in the bush, the newly turned bit sitting snugly in the lug rather than it slopping about on the thread.
  6. You are right Pete, the rubbers are split, sold on the basis of easier to fit :rotfl:. Am waiting patiently for my bracket but it looks like it'll be after Easter now :-(. Thanks, Dave
  7. Getting there slowly! Just the lower bracket to come from Jeffrey's tomorrow hopefully and then I can try it all out. Still a little confused about the bottom mounts though :embarrassed:. Looking at the G503 photos, it looks like the 1/2" dia. shoulder on the bolts should enter into the lugs on the genny, but my genny only has 3/8" dia. holes so they don't go in, see below: Am I missing something or do I need to drill my lugs out to 1/2"? Also the top lug bolt where the slot in the T-arm engages, is that just a 'normal' bolt, i.e. tightens up onto the T-arm when the belt
  8. Thanks chaps for all your advices (including jerry cans too). I think the sensible money says to not take them. Have got an embryonic plan B as my lad has an opaque plastic rifle cover as used by GIs on D-Day so with a loosely fashioned bit of wood inside he'll be (kind off!) happy. May even be able to fit a spare pair if grips to a handle shaped bit of wood to fashion a holstered M1911 too! Cheers, Dave
  9. Thanks Pete. I have now come across this, which is perhaps what you meant: http://www.1942mb.com/c-14-G503_WWII_Jeep_6v_Generator_and_Arm_installation.aspx http://g503.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=124121 My block mounted bracket looks something like the one in the articles (don't have it to hand right now) but the second article suggests there are two different lengths, going to have to wait till my block comes back from the m/c shop to check exactly which one I have. My top brace arm, however, is nothing like the spring loaded, adjustable length, T bar one shown. Mi
  10. Much obliged Pete, I'll check that out.
  11. Am planning a trip to Normandy this year for D-Day week (1st to 8th June), hopefully in the Jeep (engine rebuild permitting :undecided:). We will be travelling independently i.e. not with an organised group and won't be based at a fixed camp/event. My lad (14) is into US re-enacting (29th Infantry, D-Day) and has persuaded me to dress as (portly :blush:) Ox & Bucks gliderborne. Questions are: a) can we a take his replica Garand (plus bayonet) & M911 and my de-ac Enfield No. 4 (plus bayonet) on the ferry OK, Brittany Ferries didn't rule it out when I emailed them, they j
  12. I am in the process of re-building my Jeep engine and until now the 6V genny has been mounted using a rather inelegant combo of 10mm threaded bar, a multitude of nuts and washers and the dog eared remains of the rubber bushings and cup washers. I'd like to fit the proper arrangement but am not sure how it should be. I can see that the rubber bushings are available on ebay and shoulder bolts too. Are the bolts the same for each mount? Also, I am missing one or two cup washers, are these available anywhere? Would be very grateful if anyone could kindly link me to (or post :-)!) a decent pho
  13. Hi, Dave here from Keynsham, Bristol. Consultant engineer with a professional interest in jet engines hence username. Been a while since I last logged in so having to do a 'first' post again to get back in it seems :embarrassed:! Glad to be back though :-)! [Edit: may actually have just been me being a spanner and forgetting how to navigate the forum, duh!] Jeep owner for 2 1/2 years - GPW chassis/Hotchkiss tub/Not sure about engine - was told it was a Hotchkiss block by seller but has a lot of WOF markings, including block, has fibre cam sprocket too (CJ series perhaps?) Sadl
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