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  1. Big changes! I've decided to move the site to a new home and a new host, so I can upload PDF versions of the diagrams, which will hopefully prove more useful and more readable. Please update your bookmarks! http://www.uk-tank-markings.co.uk/
  2. It's been a bit of a nightmare to collate, but here's my first attempt at a timeline for the North African campaign. Feedback and corrections welcome as ever. If anyone can shed any more light on the 4th and 7th Armoured Brigades in 1940-41 I'd be very grateful, as I'm sure the 7th and 8th Hussars couldn't be in two places at once! Apologies for the enormous image size. You might have to open them in a new tab to view them properly. Middle East - Armoured Divisions
  3. I aten't dead! After a long hiatus I've managed to pull my finger out and write a separate page for Royal Artillery tactical markings: https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/royal-artillery-tactical-signs.html Comments, corrections, feedback etc all welcome!
  4. Bit of a shameless plug, but I've started a Twitter account to run alongside the website: https://twitter.com/squire_bev I thought it'd be useful to have one central place to post updates, and I'll also be posting brief histories of particular units and formations, along with snapshots of their structure and markings.
  5. I've added Commonwealth infantry division insignia. Not a complete set - I'm afraid I'm being rather neglectful of the CBI/Pacific/Far East theatre, but I will get around to it eventually. https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/divisional-insignia-infantry-formations.html
  6. Possibly of some interest: MMP books are in the process of reprinting Taylor's Warpaint series. https://mmpbooks.biz/ksiazki/30
  7. Glad to be of service! I've updated the Higher Formations Insignia page today: https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/formation-insignia-higher-formations.html
  8. Special Service Group - Hopefully useful to anyone with an interest in Commando vehicles or Royal Marine tanks. https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/special-service-group.html
  9. AGRAs! https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/europe-higher-formation-organisation.html As ever, feedback welcome! I'm hoping this one is free of errors as I've spent all morning poring over piles of books and cross-referencing my sources, but you never know...
  10. And now, at the risk of opening a massive can of worms regarding errors and omissons, my first attempt at diagrams for the 79th Armoured Division. Just snapshots for now - I'm still working on a timeline to show regiment and brigade movements, like the one for independent brigades posted higher up the page. If anyone can offer any more sources regarding regiment movements, please do! I'm getting bogged down flicking between Bellis booklets, with some regiments either being in two places at once, or disappearing completely! https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/79th-armoured-division.html
  11. It looks like it's been taken from Jean Bouchery's The British Soldier from D-Day to VE-Day - on the whole a very useful book, but sadly notorious for minor errors like this.
  12. Corps-level AoS markings - BEF and D-Day https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/europe-higher-formation-organisation.html Comments, corrections, feedback all welcome.
  13. I've also put together a timeline of the changing composition of Armoured and Tank brigades during 1944-45: https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/independent-armoured-brigades.html
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