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  1. Possibly of some interest: MMP books are in the process of reprinting Taylor's Warpaint series. https://mmpbooks.biz/ksiazki/30
  2. Glad to be of service! I've updated the Higher Formations Insignia page today: https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/formation-insignia-higher-formations.html
  3. Special Service Group - Hopefully useful to anyone with an interest in Commando vehicles or Royal Marine tanks. https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/special-service-group.html
  4. AGRAs! https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/europe-higher-formation-organisation.html As ever, feedback welcome! I'm hoping this one is free of errors as I've spent all morning poring over piles of books and cross-referencing my sources, but you never know...
  5. And now, at the risk of opening a massive can of worms regarding errors and omissons, my first attempt at diagrams for the 79th Armoured Division. Just snapshots for now - I'm still working on a timeline to show regiment and brigade movements, like the one for independent brigades posted higher up the page. If anyone can offer any more sources regarding regiment movements, please do! I'm getting bogged down flicking between Bellis booklets, with some regiments either being in two places at once, or disappearing completely! https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/79th-armoured-division.h
  6. It looks like it's been taken from Jean Bouchery's The British Soldier from D-Day to VE-Day - on the whole a very useful book, but sadly notorious for minor errors like this.
  7. Corps-level AoS markings - BEF and D-Day https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/europe-higher-formation-organisation.html Comments, corrections, feedback all welcome.
  8. I've also put together a timeline of the changing composition of Armoured and Tank brigades during 1944-45: https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/independent-armoured-brigades.html
  9. I've added Airborne Divisions organisation and markings: https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/europe-airborne-divisions.html
  10. I've updated the overview page to include Royal Artillery markings, and a few other details. I plan eventually to do a full page specifically for Royal Artillery markings, as I'm sure they could fill a whole book on their own! https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/p/british-tank-markings-overview.html
  11. Looks like a Dorchester ACV. I believe the only other model of ACV was the Guy Lizard, and these were somewhat smaller.
  12. Indeed. You're looking at £200 for Volume 3 of Warpaint now. It's ridiculous. I'm amazed Osprey haven't done a series on vehicle markings. It's surely a popular enough subject.
  13. Yep, already got them both, plus their respective Part 1s, and a few others! Thanks for the suggestions anyway
  14. There's a four volume epic by Dick Taylor that covers 1903-2003, but naturally it's out of print. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Warpaint-Markings-Vehicles-1903-2003-Publications/dp/8389450631
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