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  1. They allow you to modernise but needs to be within 10% of the rolling diameter from memory and equal or greater weight and speed rating The rear has rods actuated by a T-16 brake chamber that pull wedges which push rollers out to expand the shoes, the front is the same but has small hydraulic slaves doing the pulling (these are actuated by a master cylinder which is pressurised by a T-16 brake chamber)
  2. they use 8.25x16 tyres on split rims but im looking to convert mine to modern tubeless
  3. My Rubery Owen had an overnight stay at her majesty's pleasure a few years ago because my front axle was unbraked, I had to go back and collect it the following day with the lowloader. Basically the C&U regs say all wheels must be braked and all brakes must work to the required standard.
  4. The data sheet ive seen for the day cab version was just as a 6X4 tractor unit, no winch. (I believe the data sheet was in this thread somewhere?)
  5. David Brown Tractor Club might be the best bet?
  6. Yea I know they didnt run Amazons, just not seen many Crusader/Amazons with single round headlights before I was sent the service pics of mine. Normally see the twin rounds and the civvi squares.
  7. Interesting headlights on that! Similar to mine when it was first in service: Out of curiosity what is the truck behind that Amazon wrecker?
  8. Well shes been under the low loader a few times now... Currently building a Scammell house as the weather hasnt been kind to the Crusader cab or Explorer back body
  9. Just a gentle nudge... Does anyone have that brake info pdf from 2007 handy?
  10. Hi Steve, The Rubery Owen trailers are plated to 5.5ton I believe (after my little road side chat) so without some paperwork and a DVSA headache it wouldn't be legal to tow behind the 110 either unfortunately. The 110 is capable of pulling the weight its just stopping it and controlling it. I have had mine up to 30mph behind my 90 and my 110 and these trailers like to wander behind the tow vehicle but the Land Rover isn't heavy enough to let it wander so the trailer makes the back of the Land Rover wander, not a nice feeling! If you just need to move it once for a short distance then borro
  11. Hi Steve, Long story short my advice is don't change the brake system!! My living van was modified from standard specification by the previous owner, it had a hitch (poorly) welded on and a master cylinder bolted to a bit of angle iron and bolted to the drawbar... this was pushing fluid into the reservoir port of the air over hydraulic master cylinder so probably didn't do anything useful. For my use behind tractors it was fine as long as you stopped carefully, behind Scammells and ERFs you didnt know it was there. That being said I was stopped for an inspection and the living van
  12. I know this thread is almost a decade old, but any info on the brake system of the FV2500 series trailers would be greatly received. My living van is in need of some TLC Also has anyone updated their trailer to tubeless radial tyres?
  13. KBC 116N I bought it off Dave Crouch and he said he had it when it got de-mobbed, heres when Dave had her. Will have to treat her to some better batteries and use the fuel pump cold start in future i think :rotfl: Need to try her under the lowloader when I get the ballast box off.
  14. Well we have sorted the gear linkage out so it shifts nicely now, she still kicks out of top gear like a mule though! Also seems very reluctant to start in this colder weather despite giving her a good lick of cold start... Heres a celebratory pic
  15. my low loader brakes seem more than adequate behind my 4x2 ERF so hopefully no issues behind a 6x4 Scammell heavy hauler with faster diffs lol
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