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  1. Indeed - the nick name has haunted me from the beginning of my engineering career! First day as an apprentice, I was handed a ropey old laptop with a lost in space background pre-loaded... its never left me, I'd liek to mention it has nothing to do with the way in which I work 🤣
  2. sirhc, That's spot on, maybe able to see if my friend can get someone whos still in to look up that AESP, although its quite old I suppose! Thank you
  3. Iain! Its a nick name, stems from the TV series "Lost in space" - I share my name with one of the main characters, whos name is frequently accompanied by "Danger!" As for our other vehicles, I can't really discuss in detail unfortunately, at our employers request. But we have a Foden RV, T-55, a V8 Snatch and mostly a lot of scrap metal! I have a guy that works with me who is ex forces with Challenger experience.. but unsurprisingly no challenger to match! I'm a machinist by trade, with a keen interest in engines and armor Danger
  4. Good morning all, I am new to the forum having only recently discovered it! My place of work has just purchased a scimitar, awaiting delivery - we have a lot of tracked experience on other vehicles, but never a CVRT. I found a post on here that previous contained some documents with driving instructions, but it would appear the source files have gone MIA. Does anyone have any D&M documents that could help us out? Even if its just a brief description, eg electrical isolator is here, turn this knob to X, oil prime is here ect.... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Link where files were at some stage: thttps://hmvf.co.uk/files/file/6-spartan-cvrt-d-operating-manual-and-maintenance-instructions/ Kind regards, Danger
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