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  1. Looking for a metal fan shroud for a 1963 series 2 land rover, wide type radiator, think it is part number 544848. Also looking for the bracket between the chassis and air filter on a 24v series 2. Thanks
  2. Hi, Yes i could be interested, are the tyres any good?
  3. Yep, there don't seem to be many about. 11.00x13 would be fine, one of mine says 10.50/1100 x 13 anyway. John
  4. Looking for some usable 10.50 x 13 tyres for a Cranes recovery trailer. Anything about?
  5. Potentially looking for a gearbox for a Scammell Pioneer. Anything about?
  6. Looking for a pair of military series 2 front wings in good condition, also any 24v kit for a 1963 vehicle. Would consider a complete spares vehicle if there is anything about.
  7. Welcome to come and measure/ get pictures of our seat frame/ locker if needed. John
  8. Hi I would be very interested in them to go behind my Pioneer. Do you have the dimensions so I can look into transport options? Thanks John
  9. What oil should be used in a Scammell pioneer gearbox? The manual says 50HD, but what does that translate to in a modern grade? Thanks
  10. Would you have a picture?
  11. Looking for a tow hook for a Scamell Pioneer. The same hook was used on Explorers, Matadors and similar. South Coast preferred.
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