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  1. No problem I will take a photo tomorrow. Great trucks to work on, my sv2s were sat in a field for 20 odd years and most of the nuts and bolts still came undone easily unlike a lot of modern stuff. Only thing I had to do was invest in a forklift.
  2. Evening Simon I managed to get a photo though a bit rustier than I remembered, I think it will clean up ok.
  3. The winch is looking good I went through the same pains about two months ago and now on to wood work for the back. I still have the rear axle to free up and sort but keep putting it off. i have a complete fan though will probably need the bearings replaced and your right I didn’t venture out for photos today will try tomorrow.
  4. Evening Simon I will have a look tomorrow, I’m sure I have a spare fan but will check. I do have the rollers for the winch I will take some photos tomorrow so you can see the condition.
  5. I have 5 pioneers in various states one of which is a past repair rolling chassis so have been using it for parts, most of the parts I have are from the chassis rather than cab parts. I’m near Southampton so not to far from you I think. your welcome to the roller I’ll have a look if there is a loose one if not I can take one off. Neil
  6. Evening Simon just seen your post and If you still need these parts I think I have what you need?
  7. That’s spot on thank you Richard, I have a drivers seat frame that is usable but no passenger frame, the pulley needed is the one the cable runs over at the top of the sliding jib. Many thanks
  8. Evening all has any one got any photos and dimensions of the first aid locker and the locker below in the pioneer cab. also looking for the cable pulley wheel from the end of the sliding jib and a passenger seat frame.
  9. I have the top part of the fifth wheel that is sat on flat plates that works well with the swan neck but missing the bottom dish shaped plate and the rubber discs that bolt to the chassis. I have emailed thunder models to see what info or drawings they have or at least how accurate they are but whether they will be willing to give out information I’m unsure, so here’s hoping
  10. Thank you for the drawing, hoping that the more information I can get the more correct I can get it.
  11. Yes, came from Romsey and was called Snow White, had been sat up for some time thought inside so still in nice condition other than the dust! I drove it the 10 miles home with no dramas other than the wipers not working.
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